• WrestleMania is WWE’s premier annual live event

  • WWE takes over a host city with a week of events

  • Complete Community Synergy must be established

  • Sell Outs = Success


  • New Media Market each year; Plus feeders

  • Create perception of market "ownership" with limited budgets

  • Sell out multiple events all week leading up to the main event

  • Target locals and visitors


Media Value

  • Total value was 2 to 3x the cash spent in each market
  • Trade media value was 10+ times higher than face value of assets traded in each market


  • 2012:  WrestleMania broke Sun Life Stadium’s attendance record

  • 2013: WrestleMania NY was the highest grossing live event in WWE history

  • 2014: WrestleMania New Orleans was the highest grossing event at the Superdome